Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Maple Club is almost ready!

A while ago we announced that we would be creating a VIP/Members Club for people that would allow them to get discounts, special offers etc…

We have been ironing out the details ever since- and we are now ready to formally make the announcement.

The Maple Club is about to Launch!

We are also trying to get a new look and feel implemented across the entire site and hope to have it done before the next shipment of syrup arrives so things are kind of hectic right now. Stay tuned for more important announcements in the days and weeks ahead.

Pre-Ordering will begin soon!

As of today, we have sold out our old stock and we will soon start accepting pre-orders on the next shipment which is tentatively due to arrive in mid to late June. (Yes, it’s a long ways away…) The next shipment will be the same 32 oz glass bottles of Grade A “Dark Amber” maple syrup that we have come to love but will also be Certified Organic! We will post an announcement just as soon as we figure out the technical and legal details of how to accept a pre-order.

We want to thank everybody for helping us beat the critics by selling out the first shipment. Our shippers at Aliyah Lift Shipping, volunteer trempers and especially our customers have made it all happen. It has been immensely gratifying for our whole family to prove that big bottle, low margin economics can be made to work in a relatively small marketplace and we have proven (thus far) that small businesses have a chance at making it in a market space dominated by powerful monopolies. Over the next half year, we hope to see more success in our efforts to bring the yummy joy of Maple Syrup to tables all across Israel. Thank you all for spreading the word and here’s to hoping that we will go from success to success in the months ahead!