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How is Maple Syrup Made- A Video

Ever wanted to see how maple syrup is made? Well, we have just the thing for you then!

This video is a quick and informative demonstration of how maple sap is collected and turned into pure maple syrup.

It was shot at the Anderson's family farm (which is called a "sugar bush") and stars Steve Anderson- the guy that makes our maple syrup every year.

Making Maple Syrup - a Family Affair

You also get to see the rest of his family at work too- his parents and his wife make cameo appearances in the production and bottling areas as you would expect to see on a family farm.

For those that are curious- it looks like they are making grade A, non-organic 16 oz. bottles. We will start selling that exact kind of bottle right after Passover this year.

This is actually kind of cool! I wonder if this was shot while they were putting OUR shipment together?

Feel free to check out the video and please share it with your friends and family. We appreciate everything that Steve and his family have done for us in getting this amazing syrup to Israel. Please show the love 😉

Time to Pre-Order

It’s official- we are 99% certain we know what things will cost (assuming nothing goes wrong of course) and so we will begin allowing pre-orders for the next shipment.

Important things to know:

  1. The shipment will get here just before Pesach starts and we will not begin delivering it until AFTER Passover ends- hopefully on the afternoon of May 1st. If something goes wrong, we will notify you using the contact information you provide us with when you make your reservation.
  2. For those that are worried about hametz ownership during Passover- the syrup is NOT certified kosher for Pesach so we will be selling it all to the Rabbanut of Ma’alot until Pesach is over. Your pre-orders are reservations and do not mean that you “own” the syrup so you do not need to worry about “selling” it as part of your pre-pesach hametz sale. We will not own it until Pesach ends and you will not own it until sometime after that- so you’re covered. If your Rabbi says otherwise- so be it. We look forward to getting your order when we are open for business again sometime on May 1st.
  3. We will have 9 different products to offer you which you can see in the store. Purchases can be made by paypal or credit card- and if you want to do a deposit to our bank account you can do that too- but you’ll need to contact us to arrange this.

More updates will follow so please check back in on us or start following one of the social media channels that we have been setting up:

…and PLEASE tell your friends!