Deadpool likes Pancakes!

Apparently Deadpool likes pancakes. A lot. Which is good. He must like Maple Syrup too then 馃檪

Trivia Question Time:

If Deadpool makes 372,844 medium to large sized pancakes and…
IF聽an average serving of pancakes is 2 and…
IF an average recommended serving size of maple syrup for such a meal is 60 mL then…
HOW聽many bottles of maple syrup will Deadpool need to order from Maple Syrup in Israel?

372,844 pancakes divided by 2 pancakes per serving is 186,422 “servings” times 60 mL per serving is 11,185,320 mL of real maple syrup.

That’s 11,185 Liters of yummy stuff!

Which would be:

  • 47,276 bottles of 8 ounce, Grade A Organic
  • 23,638 bottles of 16 ounce Grade A or Grade B syrup
  • 11,819 bottles of 32 ounce Grade A or Grade B maple syrup
  • 2954 jugs of our 1 gallon Grade B maple syrup.


We’d probably give Deadpool a discount.

But we’d need payment up front. Bank transfer of something. My wife doesn’t extend credit to potty mouths 馃槈

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