Delivery Options

How can we get your purchase to you?

There are a few ways to choose from:

Our preferred way is called YellowBox. Go here to learn more about it in Hebrew: למידע נוסף לחץ כאן

For the English explanation– YellowBox is a service that is operated by the Paz gas station chain. Many of the stations now have mailboxes outside their stations. We can ship to one of these YellowBox locations near you. You get an SMS when the package arrives at the location you select and you then go there and get the package. The lockers are outside of the station and are accessible 24/7. To find out which location is closest, check out the map. It’s faster than the post office and safer- we have not had a single bottle broken yet. It’s 20 NIS flat fee and we can ship up to 2 CASES (24 bottles or 12 Liters) to you in one shot so this is definitely a good way to go if you want to stock up. Worth considering 🙂

“Tremp”- Sometimes we have friends and acquaintances (and a lot of very friendly strangers!) that are willing to carry a bottle or two all over the country. They will “tremp” your purchase to you! They are usually NOT willing to find your place, climb 10 flights of stairs and knock on your door though- which means that you need to meet them somewhere convenient for both of you. They are volunteers- not paid employees so we can’t make demands. They have already gone above and beyond right? If you can help meet up with a tremper, then you can avoid the delivery fee. Shekels back in your pocket!

Israeli Postal Service- For the record- we hate this option. Orders get “lost” or broken a LOT. Please consider using another delivery option first? There is a “Delivery Fee” which we use to send your purchase to you. To do this we will need your full mailing address in BOTH Hebrew AND English so that we can ensure that there are no excuses from the mail carrier to lose your package. We also need your phone number and email address so we can let you know when it gets sent, and when to expect it. It can take a few weeks or can get to you in 2 days- it is not a very predictable thing. Your parcel will, most likely, end up at the post office and you will have to go there to get it. Look for the little notice/slip in the mailbox.

When we get your purchase order, we will contact you and we will make our delivery plans accordingly.

Having Trouble? Contact us and we will help you sort it out.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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