Ingredient: maple syrup

Maple Syrup is a natural, whole-food sweetener with a unique taste. It comes from the sap of the maple tree which is then boiled down- 40 liters of raw sap are needed to produce 1 liter of pure maple syrup. Nothing is added to the syrup- it is not legally allowed to be called “Pure Maple Syrup” if it isn’t 100% natural maple syrup.

Maple Syrup comes in 4 “styles” based upon the color and taste of the syrup.

From lightest/sweetest to darkest/strongest:

Grade A Golden Color, Delicate Taste
Grade A Amber Color, Rich Taste
Grade A Dark Color, Robust Taste
Grade A Very Dark Color, Strong Taste

The darker the syrup, the more suited to baking and cooking it is as the flavor of the syrup is strong enough to come through in the final dish. The lighter syrup is usually used on pancakes or waffles and is also used as a natural sugar substitute where the flavor is less intense.

maple coated popcorn

Maple Coated Popcorn

Maple Coated Popcorn is an amazing snack- our family has been known to make four or five batches at a time in an effort to prevent the kids from fighting over the stuff. Anything you’re willing to fight over must be good right? Even the little bits at the end are yummy! It’s easy to …

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maple pecan pie slice served on a china plate

Maple Pecan Pie Recipe

Maple Pecan Pie is one of those really old, well known, highly adaptable recipes that has a few hundred variations out there- this version is a pretty basic one that is super easy to put together and you should be done in an hour. Normally we suggest that you use grade “B” maple syrup for …

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Maple Pie missing one piece

Maple Pie Recipe

Maple Pie for dessert? Heck Ya! Smother it in whipped cream and you’ll be in heaven too. A great way to end a major meal, maple pie is quick to make (and quicker to eat!) and while this version of the recipe uses dairy products you can substitute them easily enough and make it pareve- …

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Recipe for Maple Strawberry Margarita

Maple Strawberry Margaritas

Our friends in Ma’alot had us over for Shabbat and made us this delightful drink. It was a wonderfully refreshing drink for a hot afternoon! Maple Strawberry Margaritas are an easy to prepare treat that can be made with lots of substitutions- swap out the strawberries and use cherries, blueberries or any other berry you …

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maple chicken sauce

Maple Roasted Chicken Sauce

Shabbat meals tend to dry out after spending extended periods of time on the hot plate so making an awesome sauce that won’t dry out too quickly is very necessary in our house, especially when having guests over. Here’s Chava’s Maple Roasted  Chicken Sauce Recipe: 3lbs / 1.3 kg chicken pieces, cut up vegetable oil …

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Maple Rainbow Carrots

Maple Rainbow Carrots

Tamar Dunbar is in the process of starting up a business making home-made, all organic jams, jellies and preserves in Israel. She also spends a lot of quality time growing her own working materials and catering for special events. Her family joined us at our Pesach Seder this year and we had a blast! She has …

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