Maple Syrup TO Israel – 2021

Maple Syrup in Israel would like to make a comeback, once again making available the best Tasting Maple Syrup to our neighbors in Israel.

After so long a break, we need to gauge the interest of our patrons before we can order and import our products. So we have a few questions for you:

  1. Are you willing to commit to purchasing maple syrup in bulk (minimum 6 bottles)?
  2. Would you be willing to prepay your first order (@ 50 NIS per 1/2 liter bottle)?

While outdoor markets are trying to reopen, we would like to make a first order of prepaid maple syrup to jump-start the business. After that first order has been imported and the products delivered to our clients, Maple Syrup in Israel would then return to its earlier system of importing in bulk for sale to both established patrons and at regularly-scheduled food market gatherings throughout Israel.

If you are interested in getting premier maple syrup products back in Israel by helping Maple Syrup in Israel kick off its post-Covid 19 incarnation, please fill out and return the simple form below. Be sure to specify how many bottles of Grade A and/or Grade B Syrup you want, keeping in mind that a minimum pre-order is 6 bottles. (Remember that Grade B is not readily available in Israel outside of Maple Syrup in Israel.)

We hope that expressed interest will allow us to make an initial order in the next few weeks to arrive in Israel in about 3 months. If interest allows, we will contact our patrons and request prepayment.

We here at Maple Syrup in Israel are excited to try to bring back the quality maple products so many of our clients have been enthusiastically enjoying these last years! We thank you in advance for your continued support! Looking forward to hearing from you in the coming days.