A bottle of maple whiskey in the foreground with rows of maple whiskey bottles standing behind it

Maple Whiskey for Hanukkah

The second batch of Maple Whiskey from the Golan Heights Distillery will be ready shortly- we should have it in time for Hannukah!

The first batch sold out in ONE DAY.

We had friends that couldn’t buy it. It was a sad day.

THIS time we are asking you to reserve a bottle. You can go to our Facebook event here and select that you are “going” to the event. This will tell us to reserve you a bottle.


You are under NO obligation to buy though- if you change your mind, we will just sell the bottle at a market. It’s not a problem. We just want to make sure that we HAVE a bottle for you.

If you aren’t on Facebook- please contact us and we’ll set aside a bottle for you.

Delivery will be something we will figure out when we see how many orders we have to fill- we may have a few options (including door to door delivery if we have enough volume) so please stay tuned!

Thanks everybody!

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