Organic Stickers- Good or Bad?

We have a problem to solve- and your feedback will help us solve it.

Our producer, Anderson's, has lots of bottle sizes and types of syrup but does not have "organic" labels for everything- he has them for 8 oz and 32 oz bottles but that's it.

Most of his syrup goes to Walmart and they don't need things labelled organic.

He can print new labels- just for us- but he has to run them in batches which cost him about $10,000 USD and, quite frankly, we do not order enough syrup to pay for this. We're not even remotely close.

Would you buy a bottle that has the normal label, but then has a sticker on it that identifies it as being organic? The certification for it is online and is up to date and the kosher certification is on the regular label of course but... is a sticker good enough?

We have seen labels that have been covered up with stickers on import items before- but would you be happy with this? We can't afford to get it wrong (the maple syrup empire is still in the early stages of development).

We are working on getting a plan "B" in place but it's complicated and we want to know if the sticker option is good enough for people. Please let us know- you can use the contact page or leave a comment on our FaceBook page, LinkedIn page etc...

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