A large pile of boxes containing 1990 pounds of organic maple syrup in Israel

Our next Maple Syrup shipment to Israel

Hi all- here’s the scoop:

  • IF we figure out how to pay for it all (still looking for investors) and
  • IF we manage to come to terms with the producers and
  • IF the powers that be, here in Israel, allow us to proceed without undue hardship and nasty financial/legal surprises… then we will be placing our next order for maple syrup in the next week or two!

We hope to be ordering the following:

  1. More of the grade A, organic in 32 oz. bottles
  2. Some 32 oz. bottles of grade A that is NOT organic
  3. Some 32 oz. bottles of organic grade B
  4. 16 oz bottles of grade A that is organic as well as some that is not orgainc
  5. 16 oz. bottles of grade B organic
  6. Grade B, organic in 1 gallon jugs
  7. Grade B in 1 gallon jugs that is NOT organic (for the truly price conscious) and…
  8. Some 8 oz. grade A organic bottles that we will sell at markets and trade shows for people with too much money on their hands (’cause we can’t get them to you in a cost effective manner. Haval!)

We know there was some interest in smaller sizes, but we have not been able to get good prices from our suppliers on them and as such we can’t bring them in on this upcoming shipment. Perhaps on the 4th shipment?

Note- we MIGHT even take pre-orders before we place the order so stay tuned- if you have specific requests, and you are willing to put your money down on the counter, then you MAY want to let us know so we can set it aside for you. Better safe than sorry right?

Thanks again to all our friends and clients that have helped us to get to this stage- we hope to be bringing you more and more good things in the very near future.

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