Maple Soap


An Artisan Soap that has been hand made in the Tohar Labs in Northern Israel- this Maple Soap is a first for Israel.

Made from just 5 ingredients (one of which is our very own Grade B Organic Maple Syrup) this vegan, hypoallergenic soap is ideally suited to people with dry skin and produces a gentle cleansing lather.

Refreshingly, this soap does NOT have the heavy, cloying perfume found in others soaps and leaves you feeling clean and fresh.

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A pure artisan soap, made with just 5 ingredients (Sodium Cocate, Glycerin, Free Coconut Oil, Maple Syrup and Water) so that it is gentle on a child’s skin and hypoallergenic.

Maple Soap is absolutely unique in Israel and is made only in Northern Israel – an exclusive for Maple Syrup in Israel!


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