Monthly Archives: December 2014

The NEXT shipment

Hi all- we are planning for the next shipment! It will be MONTHS before it gets here (haven’t even ordered it yet) but we would like your input.

We know that the 32 oz bottles are big- and maybe too big for most Israelis- so we are looking at smaller, 8 oz bottles now. Anderson’s is also an organic farm so we will be trying to get a good deal on their certified organic syrup too.

One question is: Should we bring in more of the big 32 oz. bottles or not?

Another question: They have 8 oz, 12 oz and 16 oz bottles too. Are these sizes of any interest to you?

What do you think? Please contact us through the contact form or go to facebook and comment. We (seriously) value your input!

Thanks in advance- the McGowan clan.

A thank-you for our shippers

It’s a bit overdue, but we wanted to say thanks to the people that helped us ship to Israel.

We have had a lot of questions about the process of importing things into Israel and we wanted to “shout out” to the people that not only helped our family make Aliyah to Israel (we used them for 2 shipments of our household goods from Canada to Israel) but that also helped us import the maple syrup here from the U.S.

Yitzhak Sasson from Aliyah Lift Shipping is an Oleh that gave us a lot of help and offered us an immense amount of flexibility in terms of what kind of help we would need from them and when- we needed to save our Shekels and so they allowed us to take over parts of the process that we could manage and did the other parts that we couldn’t manage. We are pretty sure that they ended up losing out on their bottom line as a result (after all, they didn’t charge us for the easy stuff that we did for ourselves) but they did it anyways.

We are grateful for the efforts they made, the help they provided and the boundless enthusiasm they gave off during this whole process. They were a key to our success.