About Us


We import 100% Pure, Organic Maple Syrup to Israel.
Once it gets here, the fun starts!


This website is about bringing Maple Syrup- the REAL variety- to Israel.

We are the McGowan family hailing from Toronto, Canada and we have brought a few hundred bottles of Anderson's Maple Syrup to Israel. It comes in 32 oz. / 946 mL glass bottles. It is Certified Organic, Kosher and it costs 110 NIS per bottle, plus delivery which makes it 120 NIS.

Why did we do this?

Real Maple Syrup is hard to get here, in Israel. It's expensive and it is hard to find with reliable kashrut supervision. Even if you have the shekels and kosher certification, it is really hit or miss as to whether you will actually find it on the store shelf. Sabras just don't seem to know what they are missing, so they generally don't stock it.

Adding insult to injury: When they DO have it, it tends to be either Grade B- which is great for cooking or baking but not the taste a lot of people are looking for on their pancakes OR it comes in plastic bottles- which has disturbing health implications once the bottles have been shipped in super hot shipping containers over a period of several weeks. For the health conscious, this has traditionally meant that they are being held hostage by the existing suppliers and their tiny, over priced bottles.

Finally- and most disturbing- is the fact that most Sabras think that "Maple Flavoured Corn Syrup" is the real thing- and for the members of my family, this is tantamount to sacrilege.

The mission of this website is to begin the slow gradual process of transforming Israel from it's current state of ignorance, into a nation of real maple syrup lovers.

This will take time, patience and prodigious amounts of the liquid gold (spread liberally over equally prodigious amounts of pancakes, waffles and other yummy food items) but we feel we are up to the task- with your help of course!


The Syrup tastes a little bit sweeter than what I expected but that sweetness comes through wonderfully when I use it on Salmon or in my baking. I am happy and so is my family.

Chava McGowan The Boss
Avraham McGowan Underling- Maple Syrup in Israel

Obviously I LOVE it! I'm biased of course 😉