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The syrup is sort of here…

So the syrup may (or may not) have passed through customs in which case it may (or may not) make it’s way back up to Haifa where it may (or may not) get released to us sometime this week. Maybe.

Do you see the theme of this post?

We may (or may not) have mentioned on this site that bureaucracy is a special kind of creature in Israel and whether it is government red tape or business red tape- the tape is still red, there is a lot of it and there are no knives sharp enough to cut through it quickly. We need lightsabers maybe.

Our latest news is that the syrup is either through customs or is about to go through and that there is a “a problem”. We don’t know what the problem is or what kind of impact it will have on us. We will update you as soon as we know what is going on. Assuming we ever figure it out of course. Maybe we will just break into the warehouse and steal our syrup from them. Options abound. 🙂

Why your comments are important

We are very pleased to receive comments and suggestions on our website and our Facebook page. They help us to improve the site, the FB page and our service in general. In the last few weeks we have had some very helpful notes and hard hitting questions from people that have resulted in major changes to how we present our information to you, and we are grateful for this.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everybody that has looked over the website and the Facebook page as we continue to muddle through our first business venture. We thank you and we beg that you remain patient with us. The goodies are coming (on the map the ship is now a few hundred kilometers off the coast of Haifa) and when they get to customs the real fun (for us) will begin.

Thanks again everybody!

Want to know where the syrup is RIGHT NOW?

Want to see where the syrup is right now?

Follow the link and you will be taken to a site that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the ship that is carrying the syrup INCLUDING a little map on the left hand side.

Find the Syrup by clicking here!

Apparently, as of October 1st, it is just passing Mahon in the Mediterranean Sea.

Looks like October 10 is the latest and greatest e.t.a. for the shipment. Add a few days for customs and THEN start heating up your frying pans.

Have fun everybody!