Monthly Archives: January 2016

Change is coming!

Hi all- just a heads-up that there will be a lot of changes going on over the next few months as we try to grow the business from our smallest bedroom up to, dare we say it, the living room!

Or maybe even beyond that... who knows? We might have to get space in one of those tall buildings in Tel Aviv sometime soon. Maybe we'll just buy the building eh?

If you see strange things on our pages or on the website, please be patient and while you are at it- tell us what you think. We are VERY interested in what you think.

No need to comment on the artwork though... we will stick to our day jobs 🙂

Organic Stickers- Good or Bad?

We have a problem to solve- and your feedback will help us solve it.

Our producer, Anderson's, has lots of bottle sizes and types of syrup but does not have "organic" labels for everything- he has them for 8 oz and 32 oz bottles but that's it.

Most of his syrup goes to Walmart and they don't need things labelled organic.

He can print new labels- just for us- but he has to run them in batches which cost him about $10,000 USD and, quite frankly, we do not order enough syrup to pay for this. We're not even remotely close.

Would you buy a bottle that has the normal label, but then has a sticker on it that identifies it as being organic? The certification for it is online and is up to date and the kosher certification is on the regular label of course but... is a sticker good enough?

We have seen labels that have been covered up with stickers on import items before- but would you be happy with this? We can't afford to get it wrong (the maple syrup empire is still in the early stages of development).

We are working on getting a plan "B" in place but it's complicated and we want to know if the sticker option is good enough for people. Please let us know- you can use the contact page or leave a comment on our FaceBook page, LinkedIn page etc...

Results of the Maple Syrup Poll

32 ounce, 16 ounce, 12 ounce and 8 ounce bottles of maple syrup in israel

The results of the poll are in now – and we were very surprised by what we saw!

The poll asked people what grade and size of bottle people would be interested in buying.

We had 27 respondents for the poll and there were 80 different selections made.

In general we saw a lot of people asking for grade “B” syrup and a lot of people that didn’t want to pay for the Organic label. Who knew?

We will take this into consideration when we make the next order- which will be very soon B”H!

The results of the poll are below:

Bottle size in ounces grade organic? cost percentage
8 a yes 35 1.25%
12 b no 40 1.25%
8 a no 32 2.50%
8 b yes 31 2.50%
8 b no 28 2.50%
12 a yes 50 2.50%
12 b yes 45 2.50%
12 a no 45 3.75%
16 b yes 55 6.25%
16 a yes 60 7.50%
16 b no 50 7.50%
16 a no 55 8.75%
32 a yes 110 10.00%
32 b yes 100 12.50%
32 b no 90 13.75%
32 a no 100 15.00%


And here is a (non-functional) copy of the poll for those that missed it:

What sort of Maple Syrup Sizes would you buy? Prices do not include shipping and are BEST GUESSES.

What kind of maple syrup do you want to see on our shelves? Grade A or B? 8 oz bottles or 32? Select the types and sizes that you are interested in and we’ll tally it all up. When we know what people want to buy, we can make a point of getting it!     Bear in mind that the prices below are our best guesses and do not include shipping. Since most of our shipping ends up being free anyways, this isn’t a big problem but keep it in mind ok?

What type and size of Maple Syrup are you willing to buy? You can choose as many as you like and remember- prices are WITHOUT shipping and are ESTIMATES. 🙂