Changing our Delivery Options

Changes to our Delivery Options!

We have had a great deal of success in delivering syrup by “tremp” to people all over Israel- which is great- but we have not had the volume of sales we were hoping for which would help to offset the cost of going for a (really) long drive to deliver to everybody else. In an effort to speed up the delivery dates, we are going to add a delivery charge of 20 NIS to the price of each bottle.

We will still offer FREE DELIVERY to people that can meet up with the kindly folks that are tremping bottles for us, but if you can’t meet us, we’ll arrange for the post office to do the delivery to you. This should speed things up and it keeps the price lower than what you would find in the local stores.

  • For those that have already ordered, your delivery will be done shortly at no extra cost.
  • For those that order before noon on Thursday November 13th, there will also be no added cost. We know you were going to order and just didn’t get around to it right?
  • For those ordering AFTER that, there will be a 20 NIS delivery fee for people that can’t take advantage of the tremping option.

The mechanics of how we will do this is still in the works but we will probably do it by adding the fee onto the purchase price and then refunding the 20 NIS to people that make arrangements with us for the tremping thing. We will update you all on the details in the coming days.