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Maple syrup extract enhances antibiotic action

Maple Syrup is getting healthier for you!

This isn’t incredibly new (initial reports came out in 2014) but it’s interesting to note that after 3 years of research, the discoveries and claims are growing, not shrinking. It would seem that Maple Syrup has some genuine medicinal value which may be more than just an old wives tale / marketing pitch by yours truly. Who knew?

Some of the more recent news is this: Researchers are using maple syrup extract to increase the potency of regular antibiotics.

Which is pretty good news as we lurch into an era where “super bugs” and drug resistant ailments are becoming more and more noticeable in the news.

This isn’t the end of the discussion though- researchers studying maple syrup discovered that some sap and syrup extracts show antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. Another researcher in Japan found that gene expression related to metabolism and insulin sensitivity was altered.

Does this mean you should all rush out and start chugging maple syrup? Maple syrup may be helpful in reducing the risk of cancer, may help with pain relief and may even help people with Diabetes. Time to stock up maybe?

Not necessarily- Research takes years to work up from a discovery to a theory to a conclusion and even after 3 years this news is still not proven. 40% of the content of maple syrup is a hodge-podge of different chemical compounds, many of which were brand new discoveries in 2014. It will take time to work through all of them and many more years to test and prove what they THINK they have discovered. In the meantime, we can confidently say that it is quite the tasty treat to add (in moderation) to your diet.

That said- maybe we’ll start increasing the amount of waffles we eat. 😉


Maple Whiskey for Hanukkah

A bottle of maple whiskey in the foreground with rows of maple whiskey bottles standing behind it

The second batch of Maple Whiskey from the Golan Heights Distillery will be ready shortly- we should have it in time for Hannukah!

The first batch sold out in ONE DAY.

We had friends that couldn’t buy it. It was a sad day.

THIS time we are asking you to reserve a bottle. You can go to our Facebook event here and select that you are “going” to the event. This will tell us to reserve you a bottle.

You are under NO obligation to buy though- if you change your mind, we will just sell the bottle at a market. It’s not a problem. We just want to make sure that we HAVE a bottle for you.

If you aren’t on Facebook- please contact us and we’ll set aside a bottle for you.

Delivery will be something we will figure out when we see how many orders we have to fill- we may have a few options (including door to door delivery if we have enough volume) so please stay tuned!

Thanks everybody!

Organic Maple Sugar in Israel

Organic Maple Sugar in a stainless steel bowl

We have done it!

We have finally figured out the process for making Organic Maple Sugar.

Maple Sugar is made from Pure Maple Syrup and nothing else. No extra ingredients of any kind. It’s pure.

When baking with maple syrup, you need to make adjustments to the recipe to take into account the added liquid that comes with the syrup. This can be tricky.

The solution is to use maple sugar which is not only dry, but chemically is used at reduced levels: If a recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar, you can use 2/3 of a cup of maple sugar and get the same chemical reaction that you need, but with more nutritional bang for your buck and with less calories- the cup of white sugar adds about 773 calories to your recipe while the 2/3 cup of maple sugar adds about 237 calories.

Maple Sugar is a sugar- but it’s the healthiest sugar you can use and the taste is fantastic!

We will have this in our store soon- so stay tuned.

Maple Whiskey for sale!

A bottle of maple whiskey in the foreground with rows of maple whiskey bottles standing behind it

It took a while but we have MAPLE WHISKEY for sale RIGHT NOW.

We are emphasizing the “right now”” part because there are exactly 120 bottles in existence in the world and David at the Golan Heights Distillery (GHD) has told me that he has already sold most of them.

We suggest you move fast otherwise you’ll have to wait for the next batch.

The Whiskey is based on a two grain wheat and barley Golani whiskey that has had our real grade B maple syrup added to it to give it a bit of sweetness. The maple flavor is subtle but noticeable.

Each bottle is 700 mL and costs 140 nis.

We are working on getting delivery methods sorted out but for now we are going to try to use our pre-existing tremper/post office combination. The trempers are free, the post office is 10 nis. We will have to play it by ear and see how this goes.

If you are interested- order (quickly!) here:

Maple Whiskey for Sale


The Maple Syrup has arrived in Ashdod

The 4th shipment- a “quick” shipment that we needed to replenish our supply of 16 oz bottles has arrived in Ashdod- with luck, we’ll have it in stock again sometime next week.

For those that were waiting for this to arrive, well- it’s arrived!

We asked them to hurry it- they took us a bit too literally…

we asked them to huury too much

We’ll tell them to take their time moving it to Haifa just in case 😉

Running low on Maple Syrup

A case of maple syrup that is almost empty

The good news/bad news is that we are running out of certain kinds of maple syrup and the ship wont arrive until late this month so DESPITE our efforts to stay in stock on everything, we will probably run out anyways… 🙁

The 16 oz bottles, of all types, are running low. Grade A organic, Grade B organic and Grade A non-organic are almost gone. Actually- with us going to the Paleo Market in Haifa tonight, we will probably be out of the grade B entirely.

If you want some, please place your order RIGHT NOW- it will be first come first serve and the tardy will have to wait a few weeks for their order to arrive…

The 1 gallon non-organic grade B is also officially “out of stock”. I thought we had one more case but it was actually a case of organic…


We have a Maple Whiskey Group on Facebook

Maple Whiskey and Maple Liqueur

Hi everybody- a short announcement:

We have launched a new Facebook group for people that are interested in our efforts to make Maple Whiskey and Maple Liqueur.

You can go to the Maple Whiskey and Liqueur Page here.

Please take a look and share it with friends that you think might be interested in this and we’ll see how fast we can bring Maple Whiskey and Maple Liqueur to the Israeli market 🙂

Maple Soap in Israel

Vegan Maple Soap wrapped in plastic and with a straw bow string

We have Maple Soap!

Yes, that’s right, it’s not a typo or an error caused by an over zealous spell checker program.

We have worked with Tohar Labs (based in Karmiel) to produce an Artisan Organic Maple Soap.

It’s Vegan, doesn’t have that overpowering perfume  scent that we usually find in soap here in Israel and it is made with just 5 ingredients- one of which is Pure, Grade B Organic Maple Syrup- it is a “Pure” soap. Nothing has been added to make it colorful, smelly, overly lathered etc…

It has been used on our kids- the ones with the sensitive skin that break out in hives whenever we use the wrong kind of soap. For the past week we have had no problems. We are happy with this hypoallergenic soap.

We are working on pretty packaging and we are working on the process to make it better as it is selling already- people bought some of the test batches which is always a good sign 🙂

We hope to have it in our online shop next week and we will be bringing it around with us when we are at the markets and the shuks. We will sell it on it’s own, and once we have some more variety of products, we will be making a gift basket which should look very nice and be very unique.

3 square bars of vegan maple soap, wrapped in straw bows

We will keep you all posted on this and on the other projects we are working on.

Thanks everybody!

Order Now

Summer 2016 is VERY BUSY

A young boy manning a table loaded with maple syrup at the Karmiel Farmer's Market in Israel

Where  to begin?

  1. We have finished our maple liqueur tastings- we will be seeing how fast we can get it legal and into the Maple Shop. Stay tuned!
  2. We have bought a grill- a really BIG grill actually. We hope to be making pancakes and serving them too you at a festival or event near you as soon as we figure out the legalities of it all.
  3. We will be at a different kind of Paleo Market in Herzlia this time on the 15th. We’ll post details shortly.
  4. We will hopefully be serving pancakes (using the grill mentioned above) at the Ma’alot Tanach Festival on July 20th. Time and location will be posted when we have the info.
  5. We THINK the next Latrun Paleo Market is on July 29 and the next Haifa is on August. As usual, details to follow.
  6. We will be at the Karmiel Farmer’s market on the 14th and 28th of July.
  7. We hope to be meeting with a brewer to talk about making a maple beer. We will let you know how it goes.
  8. We have talked to somebody special about making maple soap- yes, maple soap. You heard it here first folks! More info to follow.
  9. We have an arrangement with to sell their coffee pods (which, by the way, go very well with our grade B maple syrup- hint hint). We will be posting about this soon.
  10. We are talking with a gourmet coffee maker in Bet Shemesh- we will hopefully be selling our maple with their coffee and YOU get courier delivery out of it… sounds like the start of a beautiful friendship right?
  11. We hope to be getting ourselves into more food fairs and markets by August. We will post it all when we have the details sorted out.

There’s more but this was enough for one post eh?

Maple Syrup in Israel Family Photo

Silly, we know, but this is our new “family photo”

We have, from the bottom left:

  1. The 1 gallon/ 3.79 Liter jug of Grade B Organic syrup
  2. The classic 32 ounce/ 947 mL Grade A syrup and
  3. The new 16 ounce/ 473 mL Grade A bottle.

On the top row, from left to right, we have:

  1. The 473 mL / 16 ounce Grade B Organic bottle
  2. The Grade B Organic in a 32 ounce/ 947 mL bottle bottle
  3. The 3.79 L/ 1 gallon jug of Grade B syrup
  4. Our “workhorse”- the 32 ounce/ 947 mL bottle of Organic Grade A
  5. And the new Grade A Organic 16 ounce/ 473 mL glass bottle.

It’s here, in stock, right now. We have NOT started to stash it around the country yet, but we will begin soon. Let us know what you want to see and where you want to see it, and we’ll see if we can make the arrangements.

Thanks everybody for hanging in there for us!


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