A case of maple syrup that is almost empty

Running low on Maple Syrup

The good news/bad news is that we are running out of certain kinds of maple syrup and the ship wont arrive until late this month so DESPITE our efforts to stay in stock on everything, we will probably run out anyways… 馃檨

The 16 oz bottles, of all types, are running low. Grade A organic, Grade B organic and Grade A non-organic are almost gone. Actually- with us going to the Paleo Market in Haifa tonight, we will probably be out of the grade B entirely.

If you want some, please place your order RIGHT NOW- it will be first come first serve and the tardy will have to wait a few weeks for their order to arrive…

The 1 gallon non-organic grade B is also officially “out of stock”. I thought we had one more case but it was actually a case of organic…


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