Is Anderson’s Maple Syrup Kosher for Passover?

Official Answer: It is not certified Kosher for Passover. Unofficial Answer: It’s kosher for Pesach. Pure maple syrup can’t have additives, if it has them, it is not allowed to be called “pure” maple syrup. Anderson’s is “pure”. So- what’s the problem? Maple syrup is made by tapping trees, gathering sap and then boiling off …

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Where is the 3rd Maple Syrup shipment?

Good Question! It’s here: https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/oldshipid:713310/oldmmsi:538004099/olddate:lastknown The ZIM freighter “Texas” has just passed the Azores (A Portuguese territory in the Atlantic) It is scheduled to arrive in Israel on April 20- 2 days before Pesach! BTW: We have pre-sold the first 2 cases- Yay!!!