Maple syrup extract enhances antibiotic action

Maple Syrup is getting healthier for you!

This isn’t incredibly new (initial reports came out in 2014) but it’s interesting to note that after 3 years of research, the discoveries and claims are growing, not shrinking. It would seem that Maple Syrup has some genuine medicinal value which may be more than just an old wives tale / marketing pitch by yours truly. Who knew?

Some of the more recent news is this: Researchers are using maple syrup extract to increase the potency of regular antibiotics.

Which is pretty good news as we lurch into an era where “super bugs” and drug resistant ailments are becoming more and more noticeable in the news.

This isn’t the end of the discussion though- researchers studying maple syrup discovered that some sap and syrup extracts show antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. Another researcher in Japan found that gene expression related to metabolism and insulin sensitivity was altered.

Does this mean you should all rush out and start chugging maple syrup? Maple syrup may be helpful in reducing the risk of cancer, may help with pain relief and may even help people with Diabetes. Time to stock up maybe?

Not necessarily- Research takes years to work up from a discovery to a theory to a conclusion and even after 3 years this news is still not proven. 40% of the content of maple syrup is a hodge-podge of different chemical compounds, many of which were brand new discoveries in 2014. It will take time to work through all of them and many more years to test and prove what they THINK they have discovered. In the meantime, we can confidently say that it is quite the tasty treat to add (in moderation) to your diet.

That said- maybe we’ll start increasing the amount of waffles we eat. 😉


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