We need your support- right now!

We need your help.

We have product to sell, and we do sell it online in a slow but steady way. This is a good thing. We have regular, monthly expenses that never go away- we have an accountant to pay, taxes and government agencies to pay and we have a loan to pay off too. The online sales cover all of this which is a good thing.

The problem is that we need to make MORE than this in order to get some money saved up so that we can order more product. We used to do this through the markets and shuks all across the country. These one-off infusions of cash are what kept the business running. Covid-19 has shut down those markets and so we are not getting the go-ahead money that we need to keep it running into the future. We will pay off our debts- but can’t order new product without a sudden, serious infusion of cash.

We need your help- please order if you think you are running low and tell your friends and family about us. If you live in a small community and are willing, please tell the community and we can try to arrange a single large order which will help keep the costs down. We can ship up to 2 boxes (24 bottles) at one time for 20 NIS which means less than a shekel per bottle in shipping costs. This should make it the cheapest Maple Syrup in the country as well as being the best tasting!

Also, please feel free to spread the word. We need all the help we can get. Thank You Everybody!