Get your waffle irons ready… we’re legal!

After MANY long months, we have been informed that, as of August 12, we have been legally permitted to import maple syrup. Good of them to let us know. Lol. The experience of navigating the bureaucratic process in Israel is something we would wish upon our enemies and we think there should be a blessing or prayer for it… a tefilah haderech for red tape. We’re going to look it up. Anybody that wants to suggest one will no doubt earn the heartfelt thanks of an entire nation of wanna-be businessmen.

That said, we are now going to start the process of ordering and shipping maple syrup to Israel. We will be making changes to the site as a result- adding payment options and setting up notifications, consolidating recipes (making them kosher as the need arises) etc… stay tuned and stay patient. It will (hopefully) get here just before Rosh Hashana. For those of you that are looking for an alternative to apple and honey: May I suggest apple and… Maple Syrup? 😉