In the beginning…

Everything has to start somewhere – and this website starts here.

We’ll begin with the obvious questions:

  1. Why does this site exist? This site exists to help facilitate the import and sale of Maple Syrup to Israeli clients. You are (theoretically) the client so this site is meant to be your access point to a world of maple syrup saturated joy.
  2. What will I be able to do on this site? With any luck, you will soon be able to pre-order maple syrup for your breakfast (or lunch, or diner) table. With lots more luck, you will be able to peruse, select, order, and pay for it in one visit but that will not be ready in the short term. Baby steps.
  3. How will the website bring maple syrup to Israel? We will shop around for good, affordable maple syrup with solid kashruth certification. Then we will make you aware of it (perhaps through a newsletter or sign-up notification system) and if you are interested in pre-ordering some, you will do so. When we have enough syrup accounted for, we will make the purchase, ship it here and get it to you. (Overly simplified, but that’s the basic plan)
  4. When will I be able to do this? In a few weeks we MAY be able to start this. It depends on cutting through lots of red tape in a variety of languages, financing the purchase of the syrup and devising a system for handling pre-orders. The first customer in this whole process will be this family so we are very motivated to make it all happen!
  5. Who the heck runs this mess? This site is run by various members of the McGowan family (the Israeli branch as opposed to the horde that lives everywhere else). We are 7 people with pancakes and crepes, but no maple syrup- which is sad. Very, very sad.

Stay tuned for more info, hopefully a few surveys to help us focus on your needs and ultimately a process that will bring happiness to your palate (and mine)

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