Lots going on! Again!

It’s been a while since we have updated you so here is the quick update:

  1. Our efforts to put up a new looking (and much improved) website are going to be delayed- probably for a really long time. Nobody in this family is website-savy enough to make it happen and we haven’t sold enough syrup to pay somebody else to do it yet. Someday. But not today. Sigh.
  2. The syrup is HOPEFULLY coming to our home in the next few days… if not before Shabbat, then maybe on Sunday. We will let you know when it arrives!
  3. We do not have a fancy-shmancy looking page for our VIP’s yet, but we DO have a bunch of VIP’s and so we are going to finish off getting the benefits up and running. When the syrup arrives, the benefits will be in place.
  4. We will be emailing everybody we know to let them know that the syrup is in stock and to remind people about the VIP club. We are NOT looking to spam you though- when we send out that first email, you will be able to reply back and tell us to NOT spam you again. We will take you off the lists- never fear.
  5. My better half will be getting more involved in the day-to-day running of things so if you get an email from Chava- it is NOT a scam. It’s just the boss doing boss-ish things. 🙂

Hang in there everybody- the syrup is coming. Slowly. ‘Cause it’s syrup and syrup is slow. Go fig. Thank you all for your patience.