32 oz. of Maple Syrup in Israel for 100 NIS

We have posted to FB now so it must be true- we have a price! 100 NIS for a 32oz. bottle of 100% pure Maple Syrup. Delivery is included. We are not taking orders yet- we have several weeks of permit hunting to finish first (and then we need to ship it in) but if you are interested, please go to the contact form or fill in our handy-dandy survey and let us know if you are interested, how many bottles you think you would want, whether you prefer to do a bank transfer or use paypal and tell us ROUGHLY where you live. Pick the nearest big urban center. Don’t give us any personal details yet- we are just trying to plan the logistics thing out at this stage and if we know you MAY want “x” bottles delivered to the Jerusalem area then we can plug that into our equations. We look forward to hearing from you!