The Future of Maple Syrup in Israel

Hey everybody- we urgently need your feedback!

As you may already know, we are trying to branch out from just selling syrup into selling syrup related foods like candy, sugar, fudge, baked goods etc…

The single biggest problem we have with this is that we would need dedicated facilities, permits and paperwork galore- which is not something we can afford to do. We are just not big enough for that.

This week we are going to meet with some business owners that HAVE the facilities and try to come to some arrangement where we can use their premises (and their permits!) and short-cut this process.

What we need from you: We want to know what you would be interested in seeing on our list of offerings!

Maple Candy? Maple Fudge? Maple Sugar?

Maple topped cakes and pastries? Butter Tarts? Pies?

Snacks perhaps? Trail mix? Granola? Breakfast mixes?

We want to know what interests you- so we can see if it is a good fit for the people we will be meeting.

Please – let us know what you are thinking ASAP! The first meeting is THIS Tuesday!