Why in glass jugs?

Since opening a Facebook page, We have had some interesting questions thrown at us. This is one of them.

Why are we selling glass bottles instead or recyclable plastic or metal containers?

GOOD question!

The answer: HEAT. Trans Atlantic shipping is done in 20 or 40 foot long metal containers and those containers get REALLY HOT. When we moved to Israel, we had candles in our “lift” and when we unpacked the container we found that they had melted into little puddles. We also had some heavy duty Rubbermaid containers and plastic storage bins and shelves which warped in the heat (and never regained their old form). Some materials change when exposed to prolonged, intense heat. Go fig.

Metal tins and Plastic jugs are made to survive this kind of heat BUT it may impact on (a) their shelf life and (b) on their flavour.

We have not been told outright that the containers degrade in the heat, but following a shipment here, we have been told that metal tins have a shelf life of roughly 6 months and plastic jugs are good for a year. Glass bottles however are rated for 3 years minimum and that has more to do with the plastic lid on it. Replace the lid (with natural rubber for example) and seal it tight and your maple syrup can sit on the shelf for a decade or more. Not that it should- if you have something yummy in your cupboard, you should eat it. That’s our opinion at any rate.

As to the question of flavour- if the flavour changes, then the chemistry has changed and we don’t want plastic chemically-flavoured maple syrup. It’s just not our thing.

We may try plastic or tin in the future, but not until we are sure it is completely safe (and yummy). Hope that answers that question. If you have anything else to ask, please send us a comment.