Welcome to the Maple Club!

The Maple Club is a select group of people that have a deep and abiding interest in Maple Syrup and all of it’s iterations. These people have proven their interest by making repeated purchases of the golden goodness, and are looking to get the most out of it. They may be Olim or native born Sabras, but they all love Maple Syrup and want to do more with it than just pour it on a few pancakes.

For some, this simply means getting their syrup at a discount and digging into a LOT more pancakes. Our members will be able to order syrup at discounted prices- the best source for pure maple syrup in Israel.

For others this means having access to new and exciting products as they are being developed- getting first dibs on the latest creations that come out of our kitchen and having the bragging rights that goes with that. Maple Candy, Maple Fudge and even Maple Liqueur are in our line-up. Our members will always have something to talk about around the table with their friends.

And of course, there are those that are looking to learn more about how to use Real Maple Syrup- people that want to make the most of this all-natural, whole sugar goodness- people that want to find new ways of including all the minerals and anti-oxidants while sweetening their favorite foods. They’ve done pancakes- they are ready for more!

We will have recipes of course, but we will also hold online cooking classes with guest chefs! VIP members will learn how to make new and exciting things, in their own kitchen, with one of our guest chefs providing real-time instruction and over-sight to make sure that everything turns out right the first time. We will teach you how to use your syrup in ways you never thought possible!

The Advantages of being a Maple Club Member

The list of benefits that our VIP members can enjoy will be growing as time passes. We will be reaching out on a regular basis to them to get their feedback, their ideas and to discover their needs. We want our VIP’s to get the most out their syrup and we are always eager to help them with this.

Benefit #1Discount Pricing! All members of the Maple Club will be able to buy syrup at a discount price, in any quantity they like. Naturally, any other product we make will also be available at a discount for our VIP’s as they become available.

Benefit #2- Every new product we come up with will be offered to our VIP members FIRST. They will get to see, smell, taste and experience the fruits of our labor before anybody else. Want to have a truly unique gift to take to your friend’s house for Shabbat? Look no further than the Maple Club to find something.

Benefit #3- Become a Maple Master Chef! Want to know how to do more with your syrup? Always wanted to learn to cook and bake with maple syrup but were afraid to mess things up with an online recipe or television cooking show? Our members will have the option to join periodic Google Hangouts- online video conference calls where they can see, hear and interact with a real chef. A cooking show where the chef is there to walk you through each step of the recipe, one at a time, and who is ready to, literally, look at what you are doing, while you are doing it to make sure it is getting done right. We’ll make the arrangements leaving you to focus on making something awesome. The best way to learn, is to do it hands-on!

Benefit #4- Whatever else we come up with! Want to extend discounts to friends and family? Need some maple related catering? Want to have a maple parlor party? Maybe teach your neighbors how to love maple syrup by having a guest chef do an in-person class in your kitchen? Looking for Grade “B” or something else that you don’t see already? We look forward to hearing from everybody about their ideas and we take these suggestions very, very seriously. We really want to hear from you!

Things may change as time passes, but we don’t want to create barriers for people that are looking to get more out of their maple syrup. Just prove that you are serious about it (by putting your money where you mouth is) and we’ll do the rest.

How do I become a Club Member?

Simple. Any client that spends 400 shekels worth of product from us will be enrolled in the club. There are no additional costs or fees for membership.

What do I get once I join?

We will contact you with a coupon code made just for you. It can be used for purchases on the site to get a flat 10% off the price of the products you are buying. You will also get emails from us whenever we have new products and special offers- as a VIP you will get the special treatment!

Have any questions? Contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

Read enough and want to be a member? Time to go shopping…