We are open for Business on Sunday, February 13th

The Maple Syrup Shipment Has Arrived! We will officially be back in business selling awesome Maple Syrup starting on February the 13th- we are getting everything labelled and getting the pre-orders taken care of first but soon we will be back in action! If you want to place an order, please do, but remember that…

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Maple Pie Recipe

Maple Pie missing one piece

Maple Pie for dessert? Heck Ya! Smother it in whipped cream and you’ll be in heaven too. A great way to end a major meal, maple pie is quick to make (and quicker to eat!) and while this version of the recipe uses dairy products you can substitute them easily enough and make it pareve-…

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Maple Strawberry Margaritas

Recipe for Maple Strawberry Margarita

Our friends in Ma’alot had us over for Shabbat and made us this delightful drink. It was a wonderfully refreshing drink for a hot afternoon! Maple Strawberry Margaritas are an easy to prepare treat that can be made with lots of substitutions- swap out the strawberries and use cherries, blueberries or any other berry you…

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Maple Syrup Gift Bags!

Grade B Organic maple syrup bottle with a bar of vegan maple soap tied up with a ribbon in front of a red and white striped gift bag in Israel

Hi all- we just sent a batch of Maple Syrup and Soap Gift Bags off and we’ll see how it goes. We think it will go well as we just sold 9 of them 🙂 Look for them in the store soon…

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Maple Roasted Chicken Sauce

maple chicken sauce

Shabbat meals tend to dry out after spending extended periods of time on the hot plate so making an awesome sauce that won’t dry out too quickly is very necessary in our house, especially when having guests over. Here’s Chava’s Maple Roasted  Chicken Sauce Recipe: 3lbs / 1.3 kg chicken pieces, cut up vegetable oil…

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The 4th Maple Syrup Shipment is on it’s way!

The Zim Luanda- a 40,000 ton freighter that is carrying our maple syrup to Israel

We weren’t planning on another shipment so soon after the last one BUT we got lucky and made some Business to Business deals (“B2B”) so we’ve got our 4th shipment aboard the Zim Luanda (We love this ship!) and it is en route now. Yay! To follow it’s journey, just click here and get a…

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Maple Soap in Israel

Vegan Maple Soap wrapped in plastic and with a straw bow string

We have Maple Soap! Yes, that’s right, it’s not a typo or an error caused by an over zealous spell checker program. We have worked with Tohar Labs (based in Karmiel) to produce an Artisan Organic Maple Soap. It’s Vegan, doesn’t have that overpowering perfume  scent that we usually find in soap here in Israel…

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